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Air permeability tests and certification
Code for sustainable homes assessor
Code for sustainable homes assessor
Code for sustainable homes assessorCode for sustainable homes assessor

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Breeam ECO Homes

Eco Homes is a version of BREEAM for use in assessing converted or refurbished houses or apartments.

The aim of Eco Homes is to balance environmental performance with a high quality of living and a safe, healthy internal environment. For existing buildings it offers not only an assessment but also a means of monitoring performance, allowing progress to be tracked through routine maintenance or refurbishment.

We are accredited ECO Homes assessors and can offer assessments, reports and advice at all stages of the process.

To enquire further about our ECO Homes services please do not hesitate to message us on the left or call us on 01622 629003 or 07702 000 511.

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