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Code for sustainable homes assessor
Code for sustainable homes assessor
Code for sustainable homes assessorCode for sustainable homes assessor

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Daylight Calculations

Daylight calculations are required for the Code for Sustainable Homes and BREEAM Assessments.

The calculation works by ascertaining the daylight factor. This is a ratio between the luminance (from daylight) at a specific point on the working plane within a room, expressed as a percentage of the luminance received on an outdoor unobstructed horizontal plane. This calculation is based on an assumed overcast sky.

To complete your daylight calculations, we will need some information from you. This includes site plans, room dimensions, position and dimension of windows and other glazed areas, external building and other potential obstruction.

To enquire further about Daylight calculations or would like us to quote for this work please do not hesitate to message us on the left or call us on 01622 629003 or 07702 000 511. We will always provide tailored, competitive estimates promptly upon request.

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