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Code for sustainable homes assessor
Code for sustainable homes assessor
Code for sustainable homes assessor
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     Bindt - The Code of Sustainability

As you may be aware many new dwellings require a mandatory rating against the Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH). The introduction of this standard has and will evolutionise the design of all dwellings in the UK. The code introduces minimum standards for energy and environmental factors affecting the sustainability of a home.

What do we offer?

As qualified assessors we offer our services to make sure your new building achieves the code level required with as little hassle and cost as possible.

How does it work?

A new building will have a requirement to achieve a certain level (between 0 and 6) 0 is in line with current building regulations and 6 is carbon free. All housing association builds have to adhere to the code however this will become mandatory for all new builds from May 2008. You will need to design your building in conjunction with a qualified assessor to attain the level required. This will include addressing the following criteria:

• Energy consumption
• Water
• Materials
• Surface water run-off
• Waste (household and site construction)
• Pollution
• Health and Well being
• Management
• Ecology

There are 3 stages where we can assist you:

1. Pre-assessment consultation Where the local authority requires you to submit a document stating how you are going to achieve the required level.

2. Design stage consultation This is a more in depth consultation where the assessor works closely with the architect and builder to ensure the building designed achieves the required code level with minimum disturbance to the current design and minimising costs to the developer.

3. Post-Build report We certify that the building has met the requirements set out at design stage by site visits, taking photos and collecting evidence of materials and hardware installed. A Final certificate is then issued to prove the building has met the required level for the CSH.

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